How to activate Microsoft Office on Windows10

MS Office suite has made the way of representation and organization much systemized and easier. With the freedom to choose Office setup package, you have the set of tools and services that meet your requirement. Depending on the product set delivered by Office setup, users have a different capacity of cloud-storage that keeps the data save and maintain the auto-save feature.

activate Microsoft Office on Windows10

Prior to the purchase of Microsoft Office 365 subscription, it is recommended to check all the services and features being offered. Next, purchase the MS Office product and continue to install it on your Windows 10 operating system.

Please note that there could be a slight variation in steps depending on the web browser or its version.

Steps for installing Microsoft Office Setup on Windows 10:

  1. On MS office main web page, go to the product section on the top menu
  2. Select the product you purchased and click on download button available below it
  3. Login or create an account to proceed
  4. Double-click on the file recently downloaded and continue to install it
  5. Enter the product key when required to step next
  6. Complete the prompts to install the software error-free

The installation process might take several minutes, do not close the window or interrupt the process. Else, errors could take place. If you have already installed the software, skip the above procedure. Check if the utility is updated and activated or do as mentioned below.

Steps for activating Microsoft Office on Windows 10:

  1. From the start menu, search for an Office setup utility and launch it on the screen
  2. You will notice an alert banner with a message on the top of the pane
  • If you don’t see any alert, check if the product is updated or not by clicking on File option
  • A message pop-up will appear in the Microsoft Office is not updated. Carry out the process to update the product by following the next step
  1. Click on the banner or on the clickable ‘Reactivate’ button. This will connect you with the Official page of Microsoft Office, ensure that your device is connected with the internet
  2. When prompted, log in to your Office account using the credentials you used while purchasing the product.
  • If you have installed the software using a hard disk and you do not have an account on MS Office page, create an account to continue
  1. After the login, you will directly be taken to the page to enter your Office product key.
  • Enter the product key and submit
  1. Close the window once done

Your Office setup is now activated on Windows 10 operating system. To confirm if the setup has activated, start an Office utility and determine the alert banner. Maintain the product subscription and renew when needed to avoid unnecessary issues.

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